5 Best Water Fasting Benefits For Weight Loss With Sample Diet Plan

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Published on: 08-Apr-2024


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Lalita Vishwakarma


5 Best Water Fasting Benefits For Weight Loss With Sample Diet Plan

5 Best Water Fasting Benefits For Weight Loss With Sample Diet Plan

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Hello readers! You may have heard of or even tried weight loss diets like keto, intermittent, vegan, and Mediterranean, but have you ever considered a diet that restricts the intake of all kinds of foods and allows only liquid? Well, it may sound shocking, but the “Water Fasting Diet” does just that.    

Water fasting is the practice of achieving health benefits and a target weight by completely restricting solid food for 24-72 hours (about 3 days). During this period, the body undergoes ketosis and uses stored fat for energy, thus helping it burn calories. It also keeps you hydrated and enables you to detoxify, which is crucial for weight management.   

Although it sounds interesting, water fasting is not easy to perform and requires thorough understanding and expert guidance. Therefore, it's essential to know all the pros and cons of the process. Read the article for insights about water fasting benefits, side effects, and more! 

Table of Contents  

  1. What Is Water Fasting?  

  1. Water Fasting For Weight Loss 

  1. What Are The Benefits Of Water Fasting? 

  1. 3-Day Water Fasting Diet Plan For Weight Loss  

  1. Benefits Of Dry Fasting Vs Water Fasting  

  1. Dietitian’s Recommendation 

  1. The Final Say  

  1. FAQs  

  1. References  

What Is Water Fasting?  

Water fasting is abstaining from food and drinking only water for several days. While this can have potential health benefits, it's important to note that it can also be dangerous without medical supervision. Some of the benefits of water fasting include weight loss, increased ketone production, hormonal regulation, reduced inflammation and oxidative stress, lipolysis, and autophagy, which can improve physical and emotional well-being.  

It's important to note that water fasting should be undertaken for a short time, as it can have potential risks and dangers. The Lemon Detox diet is an example of a popular diet inspired by water fasting. 

Water Fasting For Weight Loss  

Water fasting promotes weight loss, whether wet or dry, by creating a calorie deficit and shifting your metabolism to burn fat for fuel. It may suppress your cravings, making it easier to stick to a low-calorie diet after fasting. It can lead to weight loss and fat burning. It may also help break weight loss plateaus by inducing ketosis, a metabolic state in which the body uses stored fat instead of sugar for fuel.  

In a study, participants lost an average of more than 13 pounds and experienced significant reductions in body fat after an eight-day water fast. Nevertheless, research has indicated that although fasting might reduce weight, it can also significantly decrease muscle mass. This may be due to the increased breakdown of muscle proteins that occurs during prolonged fasting 

What Are The Benefits Of Water Fasting? 

Evidence for the effectiveness of water fasting is still being researched, and any possible water fasting benefits are still considered hypotheses. However, several studies have shown positive health effects. The most frequently cited water fasting benefits include:   

1. It Promotes Weight Loss 

Water fasting can help you lose weight, by inducing ketosis, a metabolic state where the body uses stored fat instead of sugar for energy. During this process it suppresses your cravings, making it easier to maintain a low-calorie diet after fasting. Plus, it also helps break weight loss plateaus and promote fat burning. 

2. May Promote Autophagy   

Autophagy occurs when the body processes and repairs damaged parts of its cells. This important process helps cells withstand stress on the body and fight off invading pathogens. Early studies have shown that the autophagy process is accelerated in fasting people. These potential benefits have been found in several body areas, including the heart, liver, kidneys, muscles, and nerves.   

3. May Help Lower Blood Pressure   

Short-term water fasting has several benefits, including lowering blood pressure. In a small study conducted in 2022, 48 overweight or obese individuals were subjected to a 10-day water fast followed by 5 days of refeeding 

The results showed significant reductions in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. These findings support an earlier study, which found that 90% of hypertensive patients who underwent medically supervised water fasting had their blood pressure return to normal. 

4. May Improve Insulin And Leptin Sensitivity   

The effects of water fasting on insulin and leptin levels may be of interest to people with diabetes or obesity. However, a 2022 study found that after consuming only water for 10 days and then re-consuming it for 5 days, markers of insulin resistance (when cells cannot absorb glucose from the blood, causing the pancreas to produce more insulin) increased. This may be temporary as the body returns to normal energy metabolism.   

5. Reduces The Risk Of Some Chronic Diseases   

There is evidence that water fasting can reduce risk factors for chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. In a 2013 study, 30 healthy adults fasted for 24 hours. After fasting, blood triglyceride levels, a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, were significantly reduced. Water fasting may protect the heart from free radical damage, which is known to play a role in many chronic diseases  

6. Cleanses The Kidneys   

One important water fasting benefit is helping kidneys eliminate waste and toxins by producing urine. Water reaches the kidneys and facilitates the removal of unwanted substances. Thus, drinking sufficient water is crucial for optimal kidney function and overall health. 

3-Day Water Fasting Diet Plan For Weight Loss  

A three-day water fast is an exciting and innovative approach to restoring balance in the body and reinvigorating its innate healing abilities. During this fast, people embark on self-discovery and physiological renewal, abstaining from solid food and consuming only clean, purified water for 72 hours  

While on a water diet, there are two steps: fasting (24-72 hours) and post-fasting (1-3 days). Below is a detailed explanation of both steps to help you reap water fasting benefits:    

Step 1:  Water Fasting (24-72 hours)   

The most important part of the water diet (fasting) involves fasting only on water for 24 to 72 hours. During this period, your body enters a calorie deficit, which positively impacts your health and well-being. The main goal of the fast water phase is to allow your body to reach ketosis, a metabolic state in which it uses fat for energy instead of glucose from carbohydrates.    

Step 2: Post-Fasting (1-3 Days)   

The post-fasting phase is integral to the water diet (fasting) and should be approached cautiously. It is essential to resume eating gradually after a long fast. This phase, which helps the body adapt to eating solid foods, usually lasts one to three days and involves eating light, easily digestible foods.    

During this period, avoiding heavy, fatty, or processed foods is best, as they are difficult to digest and can cause discomfort. Instead, focus on nutrient-dense foods like fresh produce, healthy grains, lean meats, and fruits. Eating modest meals throughout the day can also help control your appetite and prevent overeating. It prevents dehydration and supports the body's natural detoxification process   

3-Day Water Fasting Diet Plan (Sample) 


Day 1 

Day 2 

Day 3 

Early morning 

1 glass of lukewarm water with Lemon juice 

1 glass Lukewarm water with Amla juice 

1 glass of lukewarm water with Lemon juice 


1 glass of Orange juice with honey 

1 glass diluted Skimmed milk with honey glass skin milk + ½ glass water) 

1 bowl mix Fruit Chaat 


1 cup Green tea 

1 glass of Coconut water 

1 glass of plain salted Buttermilk 


1 glass of Lemon water with honey 

1 bowl clear mix Veg Soup 

1 bowl boiled mix Vegetables with seasoning + 1 small bowl Tomato soup 


1 cup Green tea 

1 cup Green tea 

1 cup Green tea 


1 glass of Orange juice with honey 

1 bowl of Tomato Soup 

1 bowl Veg soup + 1 bowl teamed Veggies Salad 

Benefits Of Dry Fasting Vs Water Fasting  

Dry fasting and water fasting are two different fasting methods. Each has health benefits, including increased mental clarity and accelerated weight loss. We are here to clearly explain the facts and help you better understand this practice.    

1. Dry Fasting  

Dry fasting means abstaining from food and water for some time. It is mainly used for weight loss and is considered intermittent fasting. There are majorly 2 types of dry fasting, including:   

  • Hard Dry Fasting: It is more complex and requires careful consideration and preparation. During fasting, you must avoid contact with water, including brushing your teeth, showering, or using mouthwash.   

  • Soft Dry Fasting: Light dry fasting allows you to limit your contact with water for hygienic purposes. You can brush your teeth, floss, rinse your mouth, and shower without breaking your fast.   

2. Water Fasting   

Water fasting is the practice of not drinking anything other than water for some time (usually 24 to 72 hours). It is the more common and widely practised form of fasting and may be performed for various reasons, including weight loss, detoxification,  

spiritual or religious purposes, or preparation for surgery.   

Although both dry and water fasting have potential benefits, it is also essential to consider the risks involved. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits and risks associated with both types of fasting:   


Dry Fasting 

Water Fasting 

Weight Loss 

This may lead to weight loss as the body uses stored fat for energy. 

Effective method due to calorie restriction and fat burning. 


May induce ketosis  

(burning stored fat for energy). 

It also helps in ketosis. 


Claimed to cleanse the body by removing toxins and excess fluids. 

It helps maintain optimal kidney function and overall health. 



They are generally considered riskier due to lack of water. 

Considered safer and easier to implement. 

Dietitian’s Recommendation 

Water fasting is a method of fasting for hours to lose weight. It can help in ketone productionhormonal regulation, reduced inflammation and oxidative stress, lipolysis, and autophagy. Following a 3-day water fasting diet can promote weight management, detoxification, and the healing of the body naturally. However, you need to be extra careful, especially if you have any medical condition. For this, it is better to take advice from your nutritionist.  

Dt. Lavina Chauhan 

The Final Say  

Water fasting is a popular method that can benefit health. However, most of the benefits of water fasting have been observed in animal studies, and the same effects may not apply to humans. Let’s not forget that it comes with several risks as well. This is especially true if you fast for more than three days or have a medical condition such as gout or diabetes.  

Try safer techniques like alternate-day or intermittent fasting if you wish to benefit from the health benefits of fasting. You can eat some food during these fasts, which makes it simpler to keep up your fast over time. 


1. What benefits will I get if I follow coconut water fasting? 

Coconut water is low in calories and contains only a few traces of carbs. Therefore, coconut water fasting benefits include the following: 

  • Improves your digestion 

  • Promotes weight loss 

  • Keeps you hydrated  

2. What results should I get if I follow water fasting for 1 month? 

Following a water-fasting diet plan is generally not advised for a long time. Still, if you do a one-month water fast, you may see results such as weight loss, reduction in inflammation, and hormonal modulation. 

3. What are the top 5 lemon water fasting benefits? 

The top 5 lemon water fasting benefits include: 

  • Weight Loss 

  • Improved Digestion 

  • 'Alkalising' Effects on the Body 

  • Improved Skin 

  • Detoxification. 


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