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      Dragon Fruit Juice: Health Benefits and Recipes

    • A magical and unique-looking fruit that comprises various health benefits, "Dragon Fruit". It was initially highly produced in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Peru, Mexico and many other subtropical regions. 

      The name dragon fruit has been used since 1963. Also, the other name of the dragon fruit is the strawberry pear. The seeds contain linolenic and linoleic acid. Dragon fruit is also used to make juices, other beverages and salads. You can add these to your routine as these are healthy weight-loss recipes. 

      The texture of the fruit is similar to kiwi due to the presence of crunchy black seeds, which contain linolenic. 

      Let us know how beneficial this unique fruit is, and learn some healthy recipes for dragon fruit.

      Table Of Contents

      1. Nutritive Value Of Dragon Fruit 

      2. Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit Juice

      3. Dragon Fruit Juice Recipes

      4. Dietitian’s Recommendation

      5. The Final Say

      6. FAQs

      Nutritional Value Of Dragon Fruit 

      Let us tell you how this unique fruit benefits our health. Dragon fruit is an excellent source of vitamins C, E, magnesium, iron etc. 

      Here is the nutritional value of 100 gm of dragon fruit:


      87 gm


      1.2 gm


      13 gm


      3 gm


      8.5 gm

      Vitamin C

      20.5 gm


      22.5 gm


      Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit Juice

      Dragon fruit tastes like a combination of pear and kiwi. It has many health benefits, making it ideal for adding to the daily diet.

      1. Curbs Cancer Risk

      Dragon fruit has anti-cancer properties that reduce the risk of colon cancer. In addition, dragon fruit juice is rich in vitamin C. This antioxidant fights the body's free radicals and promotes better immunity. Vitamin C in the juice prevents Alzheimer's, cancer and other health issues.

      Studies have suggested that diets high in antioxidants help prevent chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and arthritis.

      2. Lowers Diabetes Risk 

      Dragon fruit juice is a good source of fibre that keeps the blood sugar level in check and reduces the harmful consequences in individuals suffering from this medical condition. Also, it helps to control the peak of blood sugar levels in the body.

      3. Great For Digestion

      Dragon fruit juice is usually white inside. Still, the ones with red pulp inside them are excellent for lowering LDL cholesterol. In addition, as it contains betalains, the black seeds are a rich source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which curbs the chances of having heart troubles.

      4. Boosts Immunity

      Dragon fruit juice is loaded with vitamin C, which helps to boost immunity that supports weight loss. Vitamin C in the juice fight infections and keeps your body healthy.

      Another study by the National Institute of Health suggests that vitamin C and carotenoids in dragon fruit boost your immune system and prevent infection by protecting your white blood cells from damage.

      5. Good For Heart Health

      Dragon fruit juice with red pulp inside it is excellent for lowering the LDL cholesterol as it contains betalains and the black seeds are a rich source of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, which curbs the chances of having heart troubles.

      6. Improves Hair

      Regular consumption of dragon fruit juice keeps the hair healthy by promoting thick hair growth. It is rich in many nutrients, improving the hair's texture and reducing damage.

      7. Works As Anti-ageing Food

      Dragon fruit juice is rich in antioxidants which help slow the ageing process. It also helps curb acne, spots, sunburn, and dry skin. Vitamin C provides brighter skin, so consume 1 glass of dragon fruit juice daily.

      8. Keeps Bones Strong

      Along with all the nutrients, dragon fruit juice has calcium, which helps boost bone health and magnesium, which provides stronger bone.

      9. Can Be Beneficial In Pregnancy 

      Dragon fruit juice is rich in iron, folate, and vitamin B6, which helps prevent birth defects during pregnancy. Other than that, it boosts energy and the magnesium in the juice curbs post-menopausal issues in women.

      10. Good For Healthy Eyes

      A rich source of beta carotene helps enhance eye vision and prevents age-related macular degeneration.

      Dragon Fruit Juice Recipes

      1. Dragon Fruit Juice

      A tangy-flavoured juice made with dragon fruits provides healthy nutrients and is quick to make.


      • Dragon fruit - 1 cup chopped
      • Cold water - 1 cup
      • Ice cubes - 2-3
      • Lemon juice - 1 tsp
      • Mint leaves - 4-5 

      Preparation Method

      1. Blend dragon fruit and water into the smooth juice. Make sure you can add enough water to adjust the consistency of the juice.

      2. Add lemon juice and ice cubes, garnish it with mint leaves, and serve chilled 

      3. You can blend mint leaves with the fruit for an extra minty taste.

      2. Dragon Fruit Plum Juice,

      An excellent combination of sweet and tangy fruits, makes this a delicious drink.


      • Dragon fruit- 1 cup
      • Plums- 2-3 chopped
      • Chat masala- ½ tsp
      • Rock salt as per taste
      • Sugar- 1 tbsp
      • Mint leaves- for garnish
      • Ice cubes- 4 to 5

      Preparation Method

      1. Chop the dragon fruit and plum and remove the seeds of the plum. 

      2. First, add dragon fruit and plum into a blender and blend them well.

      3. Add sugar, rock salt, chat masala and ice cubes and blend everything again until smooth

      4. Now serve it in a glass and garnish with mint leaves.

      3. Dragon Fruit And Spicy Kiwi Juice 

      A spicy and sour combination of juice to serve during parties.


      • Dragon fruit- 1 cup
      • Kiwi- 1 medium-sized yellow
      • Red chilli powder- 1 tsp 
      • Sugar- ½ tsp
      • Ice cubes- as required

      Preparation Method

      1. Blend dragon fruit, kiwi, sugar and ice cubes together.

      2. Now, take a glass and coat the rim with red chilli powder for the spice.

      3. Pour the juice chilled and enjoy the sweet, sour and spicy flavour.

      Dietitian’s Recommendation

      Apart from being the most nutritious fruit, dragon fruit has some probiotics that help smoothen the digestive process. 

      It also reduces the inflammation caused due to constipation and diarrhoea. The flavonoids present in the juice boost brain health. You can also eat dragon fruit raw instead of juice.

      If you are searching for fresh fruit to make juice, buy one that looks pink from the skin. Also, do not buy dragon fruit whose stems have turned brown.

      -Dietitian Akshata Gandevikar

      The Final Say

      Dragon fruit is considered exotic in India as it has a distinct flavour, combining kiwi and pear. Also, dragon fruit juice combines fruits like apples, plums, pineapple, and kiwi to give it a familiar taste. 

      Dragon fruit juice has multiple health benefits, including blood sugar control, healthy bones, skin and hair, etc., so try to incorporate dragon fruit juice into your diet for better health results.


      1. Can dragon fruit be applied on the face like other fruits?

      You can make a face mask with dragon fruit and banana or papaya and apply it on your face. It will moisturise your skin well.

      2. Does dragon fruit juice have any side effects?

      No such effects are known on the consumption of dragon fruit juice.

      3. Can dragon fruit juice be made with milk?

      You can make a dragon fruit smoothie by combining it with milk, apple, and some sugar.

      4. How wide varieties of dragon fruit are available in India?

      There are two varieties available 

      1. Pink skin with white pulp 

      2. Red skin with red pulp 

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