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      French Beans: Source Of Nutrition For A Strong Body

    • Are french beans a part of your diet yet? Do you know its benefits? 

      Well, you will soon add them to your plate after learning their benefits for the body.

      Keeping our lifestyle in mind, we all want a healthy body, for which we work on our diet and numerous power detox plans. We include all the beneficial fruits and vegetables on our plates and prepare a bowl of vegetables daily to get essential nutrients from them. 

      But sometimes, we forget to add a powerhouse of nutrients to that bowl, known as french beans. This blog will convince you to add this vegetable to your healthy diet. 

      Table Of Contents

      1. An Overview Of French Beans Vegetable

      2. French Beans Nutritional Value 

      3. Benefits Of French Beans 

      4. Dietitian’s  Recommendation

      5. The Final Say

      6. FAQs

      An Overview Of French Beans Vegetables 

      Before you add french beans to your diet, here is what you need to know about them:

      1. French beans are commonly known as string beans, green beans, or snap beans. 

      2. They are high in vitamins A, C, and K, folic acid, calcium, and fibre. In them, you will also find silicon, which gives you strong bones, skin, and hair. 

      3. French beans are one of the most nutritious vegetables to be a part of your kid's diet. They are not only a tasty, crunchy, low-calorie snack, but they also contain a variety of essential elements.

      French beans are the most often used type of bean in kitchens worldwide. You can eat them straight from the can, sautéed, or blanched. So, try them now!

      French Beans Nutritional Value

      French beans have made their way into various diet plans because of their beneficial elements. Here is the nutritional value of raw green beans or raw french beans per 100 g:

      • Calories- 31 kcal
      • Carbohydrates- 6.97 g
      • Dietary fibre- 2.7 g
      • Fat- 0.22 g
      • Protein- 1.83 g
      • Vitamin A- 35 μg
      • Thiamine (Vitamin B1)- 0.082 mg
      • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)- 0.104 mg
      • Niacin (Vitamin B3)- 0.734 mg

      Health Benefits Of French Beans

      Health Benefits Of French Beans

      To add this nutritional vegetable to your diet, it is necessary to learn about french bean's benefits as it will rescue you from numerous health issues. Here is a list of a few benefits of french beans. 

      1.  Improves Respiratory Processes

      You might not know, but french beans may easily loosen and eliminate excess phlegm or mucus discharges from the respiratory tract. This activity improves lung function and reduces allergies and breathing troubles. So, they can be a part of your lung protection plan

      2. Improves Heart Functioning 

      Due to their low cholesterol level, you can have french beans daily to promote heart health. It increases blood circulation to and from the heart to maintain appropriate cardiac muscle performance. You can boil them or have them in any form. 

      3. Detoxifies Kidney

      French beans improve the frequent removal of wastes from the body through the excretory system. It increases fluid production inside the kidneys, allowing toxins to move out quickly and ensuring optimum hydration of the body's internal organs. Furthermore, they help the kidneys and bladder to work well.

      4. Improves The Digestive System

      As french beans are rich in fibre, they help prevent constipation, bloating, and stomach cramps after a large meal. Also, its laxative function controls bowel motions, relieving any pain in the gut.

      5. Helps With Weight Loss

      French beans are low in calories and vital nutrients, so you can have them daily while following a rigorous diet routine to lose weight, especially the ones with diabetes. Moreover, as it is rich in fibres, which readily assimilate in the stomach, one feels fuller for a long, has fewer cravings, and burns fat faster.

      6. Supplements To The Ketogenic Diet

      Non-starchy vegetables are an essential part of all keto diets. As they are low in carbohydrates and sugars, green beans can be a suitable component of a keto diet, focusing on lowering calorie consumption by reducing carbs.

      As a part of the ketogenic diet, you can make a quick dish daily by boiling chopped french beans and seasoning them with salt and pepper for lunch.

      7. Enhances Skin Texture

      French beans are a natural source of vitamins C and A, minerals zinc and copper, which have significant antioxidant effects. Regularly consuming cooked french beans feeds skin cells and promotes blood flow to dermal tissues, calming irritated and dried-up areas of the skin and leaving smooth, clean, moisturised and hydrated skin behind.

      8. Cure For Fevers 

      The phytonutrients or plant components in french beans help reduce temperature. Adding them to your diet during high fever can help bring instant relief, lower body temperature and soothe weariness symptoms. Additionally, french beans have potassium to maintain proper electrolyte balance, as a high fever disrupts the metabolism.

      9. Helps With Heart Disease 

      Green beans are rich in potassium, which makes them one of the finest cures for cardiac problems like palpitations, irregular heartbeats, chest discomfort, high blood pressure, and coronary heart disease. 

      10. Encourages Hair Growth

      French beans are high in vitamins B5 and C, which help combat severe hair loss by improving blood circulation and nerve activity in the scalp and promoting quick hair growth. The carotene content in them neutralises hair growth issues by reducing continual hair fall and improving hair strength and smoothness.

      11. Boosts Bone And Joint Strength

      The antioxidants in french beans act as an anti-inflammatory to reduce bone and muscle pain and heal joint problems like arthritis, osteoporosis, gout, and fractures. They contain the three essential bone-fortifying elements, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous, with vitamin K to build bone mass and help muscles and joints regain flexibility.

      12. Improves Immunity

      French beans are rich in vitamin C and various flavonoids and carotenoids, which helps boost immune system performance during sickness and recovery from weariness. Consuming this green vegetable provides vitamin C to blood cells, which is then delivered to other organs to help them work properly.

      13. Manages Thyroid

      In some cases, thyroid hormone levels fluctuate and rise over the usual range, resulting in hyperthyroidism. Here, french beans are beneficial due to their richness in iodine required for lowering increased thyroid hormone levels. These beans also contain zinc for enhancing enzyme action and optimising thyroid concentrations.

      And due to all these reasons, french beans qualify to be a crucial part of your diet. So, boil, cook, or sautee them right away.

      Dietitian’s  Recommendation

      French beans are incredibly healthy, which may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning your meals. But with little creativity, they can be a wonderful go-to dish. 

      You must add them to your meals in numerous ways like salads, soups, stir-fried vegetables, dals, or curries to benefit from them and improve overall health.

      -Dietitian Lavina Chauhan 

      The Final Say

      French or green beans are not only tasty but also an excellent source of nutrients, providing several health advantages. These green veggies are a godsend for overall health, from decreasing cancer risk to losing weight and revitalising skin texture. 

      To reap the most benefits, consume them in defined quantities as part of a regular diet and boil them thoroughly before eating, rather than eating them raw. 


      1. What are the side effects of French beans?

      Excessive consumption of french beans may cause digestive issues like bloating, gas, and flatulence. Therefore, you should not eat more than 1-2 cups of this veggie daily. Also, they contain lectin, which may lead to several gut-related issues. It is essential to cook them before eating.

      2. Are French beans hard to digest?

      Yes, because they have hard-to-digest sugars that cause gas and cramping, and your body doesn't have enzymes to break them down.

      3. Can you eat french beans every day?

      Adding a cup of beans to your daily diet is one of the best ways to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels and boost good gut bacteria.

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