Ganpati’s Ears Symbolises Listening: Listen To Your Body



Published on: 02-Sep-2022


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Kajal Tharwani


Ganpati’s Ears Symbolises Listening: Listen To Your Body

Ganpati’s Ears Symbolises Listening: Listen To Your Body

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Ganapati Bappa Morya!

Lord Ganesha is divine. If you look at the idol of Ganesha carefully, you will understand that every trait has some meaning which describes the way of living. For example, the big ears of the lord Ganesha denote listening and paying more attention. 

What is more beneficial than listening to your body? Do you know your body gives you signals when something is wrong? Listening to your body is the first step to leading a healthy lifestyle. 

How To Listen To Your Body?

Your body always knows if something is wrong! However, it requires being mindful and tuning into your thoughts, feelings and behaviours to read your body's symptoms. By learning this technique, you can create balance in your life and the world around you. 

Here are a few suggestions for learning to listen to your body. 

1. Get Enough Rest 

To understand what is going on, you must get enough rest! Being stressed and tired never leads to good decisions. Therefore, getting enough rest is essential to be stress-free and make the right choices. 

Stress can overcloud your mind! When we are stressed or do not sleep properly, we cannot think clearly and make wrong decisions. Remember, relaxation should not be imposed. You must listen to what your body says, and your main goal must be to achieve happiness in simple things. 

 2. Respect Your Body 

Learn to respect your body! We all are different, and therefore, we must respect our bodies. Keep in mind that you are unique. 

Who else do you expect to take care of your body if not you? Therefore, set high standards and nourish yourself with the best available sources. Respecting yourself means honouring your body.

Lord Ganesha never felt ashamed of his body. So why are you not loving yourself enough? Give your body some love and care! 

3. Eat Mindfully 

It is essential to know how your body reacts to food! When you listen to your body's reaction to food, you pay attention to your five senses (taste, smell, touch, sight and sound) and understand bodily sensations, emotions and triggers. Mindful eating is about eating correctly and right proportions to meet your daily requirements. 

Mindful eating can help you to : 

1. Ease stress and anxiety

2. Improve digestion 

3. Feel fuller 

4. Eat a more balanced diet

5. Make healthier choices 

Listen to your body's needs. It could be a physical check-up that could save your life or something that can reduce your stress and anxiety. Whatever it is, listen to your body and understand what it needs. 


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