Jamun Fruit Juice: Nutritional Value, Benefits And Side-Effects



Published on: 21-Sep-2022


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Kajal Tharwani


Jamun Fruit Juice: Nutritional Value, Benefits And Side-Effects

Jamun Fruit Juice: Nutritional Value, Benefits And Side-Effects

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Jamun, also known as blackberry fruit and scientifically known as Syzgium cumni, evokes many childhood memories. Dark purple,  jamun has a berry-like appearance and is oval. 

Moreover, Ayurveda considers jamun as a critical component in the treatment of the majority of medical conditions. Because of the vast number of jamun trees native to our country, India is even referred to as Jambudweep or a "land of Jambu" in several ancient Ayurvedic writings.

Table Of Contents 

1. What Is Jamun Fruit Juice? 

2. Nutritional Value: Jamun Fruit Juice 

3. Benefits Of Jamun Fruit Juice 

4. How To Make Jamun Fruit Juice? 

5. Side Effects Of Jamun Fruit Juice 

6. Dietitian’s Recommendation 

7. The Final Say 

8. FAQs

What Is Jamun Fruit Juice? 

The juice of jamun has recently gained popularity due to its medical use. Moreover, due to its ability to reduce Kapha and Pittam, this tiny fruit plays a vital role in Ayurvedic, Unani and Chinese medicine. 

Jamun fruit tree is a miracle tree due to its multiple medical benefits. Moreover, many studies demonstrate that jamun’s high alkaloid content helps reduce hyperglycemia. 

Lord Rama survived his 14 years of exile in the jungle by eating these purple berries, as mentioned in the holy book Ramayana.

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Nutritional Value: Jamun Fruit Juice 

Nutritional Value Of Jamun Fruit Juice

Jamun fruit juice contains high levels of fibre and protein and low levels of fat with zero cholesterol. Approximately a cup of Jamun fruit juice ( 100-150 ml) contains 

  • Water - 83.13g 
  • Energy - 60kcal 
  • Protein - 0.72g 
  • Fat - 0.23g 
  • Carbs - 15.56g 
  • Calcium - 19mg 
  • Iron - 0.19mg 
  • Magnesium - 15mg 
  • Phosphorous - 17mg 
  • Vitamin C - 14.3mg 

Benefits Of Jamun Fruit Juice 

Here are a few benefits of jamun fruit juice:

  • Fight against infections. 
  • Keep skin healthy. 
  • Increases the strength of the immune system. 
  • Treat digestive disorders like diarrhoea, vomiting and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Good for eyesight.
  • Suitable for the heart and helps prevent heart-related illnesses.
  • Daily consumption of jamun fruit juice helps to treat hypertension and anxiety. 
  • A perfect fruit juice for weight loss. 
  • Helps in diabetes management 

How To Make Jamun Fruit Juice?

Jamun fruit juice is quite simple to make. Here is how you can make it: 

  • Clean up the jamun. 
  • Remove the seeds and blend them in a mixer. 
  • Use a lot of water to dilute the paste after it has been concentrated. 
  • For the flavour, you can add salt or honey. 
  • Add ice cubes to serve it chill. 

Side Effects Of Jamun Fruit Juice

Here are a few side effects of jamun fruit juice's excess intake.  

  • Leads to sluggish motions. 
  • Drinking it on an empty stomach or after milk may create acidity.
  • This may lead to fever, body aches, and throat irritation
  • People with atherosclerosis or a history of blood clot development should not consume jamun fruit juice. 
  • Jamun fruit juice should not be consumed by people who suffer from frequent nausea. 
  • Can cause hyperacidity and gas formation in the stomach. 

Dietitian’s Recommendation

Jamun is a healthy fruit that is accessible all summer long. It can be enjoyed all year round in the form of pies, smoothies, ice cream, salads, and drinks. I always recommend jamun juice for patients who are having  BP because it has diuretic properties, No doubt about its excellent astringent characteristics that provide defence against wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and acne.

- Dietitian Vajeda Rehman 

The Final Say 

Drinking jamun fruit juice can help you leverage various benefits. Mixing jamun juice in your regular smoothies and shake will make them much healthier and happier. It is high in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that support the body's general health.

You may do wonders for your body by including a serving of jamun in your regular diet. 


1. Does jamun juice contain vitamin K? 

Yes, it does because it heals bleeding gum. 

2. Is Jamun good for the liver? 

Studies suggest that Jamun's consumption and its supplements benefit the liver and inflammation.

3. Is jamun fruit juice good for hair growth? 

Jamun fruit juice does improve hair health. Its antioxidant and antibacterial properties make the scalp healthy and promote hair growth.

4. Does jamun fruit juice reduce blood sugar?
Regular consumption of jamun will reduce blood sugar levels in both blood and urine. If you have diabetes, you can thoroughly enjoy this purple fruit.

5. Is jamun fruit juice good for kidneys?

Dialysis patients can freely consume 5-6 pieces of jamun. Moreover, 100g of the fruit contains 79mg of Potassium, making it a kidney-friendly fruit. 


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