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      Jujube Fruit: Health Benefits And Nutritional Value

    • 3 Jujube fruit a day keeps old age away! 

      Jujube fruit is a sweet but sour fruit native to China and parts of the Middle East. It has been used as a health supplement for centuries. It is now being researched for its benefits in weight loss, heart health, cancer prevention, and fighting against several medical conditions

      In this blog, we will learn about jujube fruit, its health benefits, and some ways you can use it. So what are you waiting for? Keep on scrolling! 

      Table Of Contents 

      1. An Overview Of Jujube Fruit 

      2. Nutritional Value Of Jujube Fruit 

      2. Health Benefits Of Jujube Fruit 

      3. Potential Side Effects Of Jujube Fruit 

      4. Ways To Eat Jujube Fruit 

      5. The Final Say 

      6. FAQs 

      An Overview Of Jujube Fruit 

      Try jujubes if you are ever in the market for an unusual fruit to add to your diet! Jujubes are often used in Asian cuisine. They are also known as red or Chines dates. These are a small round fruit with a seed from large flowering shrubs or trees. 

      Jujubes are often eaten as a snack but can also be used in various dishes. For example, the juice from jujubes can be used to make jams, syrups, and drinks. So, give jujubes a go next time you look for a new fruit!

      Nutritional Value Of Jujube Fruit 

      Jujube fruit is loaded with nutrients and is low in calories. 100g of raw jujube contains

      • Calories- 79kcal 
      • Protein- 1g 
      • Carbs- 20g 
      • Fibre- 10g 
      • Vitamin C- 77% of the daily value 
      • Potassium- 5% of the daily value

      Health Benefits Of Jujube Fruit 

      Jujube fruit is a fruit that has a long history of being used for its health benefits. It is a source of antioxidants and vitamins and is also high in fibre. 

      Several studies have found that jujube fruit may help improve heart health and lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. So, suppose you want fruit with various health benefits, jujube fruit is a great option.

      1. Great Source Of Antioxidants 

      Jujube has antioxidant compounds like flavonoids, polysaccharides and triterpenic acids. They help to prevent the damage caused by excess free radicals. 

       According to an animal study, jujube flavonoids help to reduce stress and inflammation caused by free radicals damage in the liver. 

      2. Helps To Relieve Chronic Constipation

      Constipation is a common, highly uncomfortable problem and often leads to other health problems. Fortunately, jujube fruit has many properties that can help relieve constipation, including dietary fibre and vitamin C.

      It is easy to digest and has a sweet taste, making jujube fruit an ideal addition to your diet for those suffering from chronic constipation. Additionally, jujube fruit contains antioxidants which support overall health.

      3. Helps To Boost Immunity 

      It is rich in antioxidants which help protect cells from damage and inflammation. Additionally, jujube fruit is a good source of vitamin C, which helps promote healthy immune systems and teeth and skin health. 

      Jujube fruit can be eaten fresh or used in various recipes such as juice, smoothies, and drinks. So there is no reason not to include it in your diet!

      4. Helps To Reduce Inflammation

      Jujube fruit is a great way to reduce inflammation and promote good health. Its antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins help neutralise free radicals and prevent cell damage. Besides reducing inflammation, jujube fruit can also improve cognitive function, protect the heart from disease, and boost your immune system.

      If you are looking for a healthy snack full of benefits - jujube fruit is the perfect option! Enjoy it as part of your regular diet for the best results!

      Potential Side Effects Of Jujube Fruit 

      For many, this tiny fruit is safe! However, if you are on antidepressant medication, you should avoid eating jujube.  

      A few animal studies have found that food extract may interact with some seizure medications like carbamazepine, phenytoin and phenobarbitone. Therefore, you should consult your doctor if you are taking these medicines and still want to eat this fruit or its extracts. 

      Ways To Eat Jujube Fruit 

      It is your choice! The fruit is primarily dried, known as Chinese jujubes or red dates. You can eat it raw or can cook it into soups and tea. 

      These can be replaced by raisins or palm date fruits in cakes and desserts. Moreover, the fruit can be roasted, smoked, juiced, and made into spreads and jams. 

      The Final Say 

      Jujube fruit is a sweet fruit that is native to China and has a long history of health benefits. This blog has covered the basics of jujube fruit and its health benefits. Jujube fruit is a good source of vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin B6. It is also a good source of dietary fibre and vitamin E. Make sure to give jujube fruit a try in your next diet, as it has many health benefits!


      1. How many jujubes can I eat in a day? 

      Depending on the size, eating one to three jujubes is recommended. They will fulfil your daily vitamin C requirements. 

      2. Are jujubes good for blood pressure management? 

      Yes! Jujube fruit is high in potassium and keeps blood pressure in check. 

      3. Is jujube fruit toxic?

      No! The fruit is not toxic. However, the seeds have poisonous properties and should be removed to avoid toxicity, allergic reactions and choking. 

      4. Does jujube fruit cause constipation? 

      No! Even the fruit is high in potassium and helps to regulate bowel movements and digestive problems. 

      5. Is jujube good for fatty liver? 

      No! The pomonic acid in the fruit can increase the risk of fatty liver disease. 

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