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      Republic Day 2023: Pledge To Make ToneOp Your Health Expert!

    • We are proud Indians, and it’s time to be healthy Indians! 

      We have been celebrating Republic Day since childhood, those class performances, motivational speeches, and patriotic songs that still give us goosebumps and eventually getting the ladoo after the event. Good old days! Right? 

      It is a day that the nation celebrates with whole heart and love. People show their love for the nation in different ways, some by watching the parade on national TV, some by making tri-colour food, and some by playing patriotic songs on loud. But, no matter how one celebrates it, this day reminds every citizen of one of the proudest moments for the country- the framing of the Indian Constitution. 

      We are celebrating the 74th Republic Day, and what else is better than choosing your health with ToneOp this year?  You must be thinking, but why choose ToneOp as your health expert? Because it is the one-stop solution for every health-related problem.

      Still not satisfied? Then, read to know why ToneOp should be your first choice! 

      Why Choose ToneOp As Your Health Expert? 

      Why Choose ToneOp As Your Health Expert?

      There are several reasons to choose ToneOp the exceptional personalised diet plans, the app features, and the dietitians. But to help you make a better decision, we have enlisted them below:  

      1. The ToneOp Diet Plans 

      ToneOp makes dieting easy by providing you with diet plans for your dietary preferences, such as medical conditions, liver detox, lung protection plan, power detox, muscle gain, and weight loss. With easy-to-make and delicious recipes our team of experts has curated, you will be eating up a storm in no time.

      2. The Region-Based Diet Plans 

      Not only this, we have made diet music easier with our region-based diet plans. Yes, you read it right! ToneOp is the only health app that gives you a regional-based diet plan with the magic of authentic Indian taste according to your taste and needs.

      We at ToneOp offer the best diet plan customised according to your needs and region. The nine regions we cover are 

      • Region 1-  Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, and Uttarakhand 
      • Region 2-  Gujrat
      • Region 3-  Maharashtra
      • Region 4-  Rajasthan 
      • Region 5-  Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh 
      • Region 6-  Uttar Pradesh and  Bihar
      • Region 7-  Bengal and Odisha
      • Region 8-  Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka
      • Region 9-  Kerala and Tamil Nadu 

      ToneOp makes your diet easy by offering a diet plan per your dietary preferences. Not only do we provide regional food options, but it also monitors the progress and witness how close you are to your desired health. 

      3. The ToneOp App Features 

      The ToneOp app has several features that will help you to make your health journey easy and happy. Some features are listed below: 

      • The Step Counter 

      Walking is the most inexpensive form of exercise. It is an excellent way to improve your health and helps to keep you away from several lifestyle disorders. Furthermore, walking is a low-impact aerobic activity that is gentle on the joints and situated for people of all ages. 

      It is suggested that one should walk around 10,000 steps a day to stay fit. So to count those steps, you need a step counter. So, what else is better than the free step counter you get in the ToneOp app? So, install and start walking today. 

      • The Water Tracker 

      Talk less, drink more! Our body has 60% water, which is vital to keep us going! However, with the bust lives, we forget to track water. It sounds not essential, but tracking water can make a big difference. It helps to reach your fitness goals easily. 

      Moreover, the ToneOp water tracker has made it easier. It makes it easy to note how much water is required per your body mass index (BMI), and the water reminder helps ensure you do not forget to drink. 

      • The Sleep Tracker 

      According to some reports, adults require sleep between seven and nine hours daily. However, the growing working culture has made it difficult to sleep properly. 

      Tracking sleep is essential for tracking every sleeping moment, and learning about your sleeping habits is the first step to improving your sleep. 

      • The Calorie Tracker 

      The calorie tracker is useful for developing a healthy diet plan and staying motivated and on track with your healthy lifestyle goals. It is important to track your calorie intake to develop a healthy diet plan that helps you reach your weight loss or weight maintenance goal. 

      Using the calorie tracker, you can stay aware of how many calories you consume daily and make healthy food choices.

      4. The Happy Clients 

      One of our happy clients have something to say, “Being a woman and mother brings so many responsibilities that personal health becomes the last thing to look after. I gained extra weight due to menopause & hormonal imbalance, irrespective of my efforts. As I also suffered from Hypothyroid, managing weight became even more difficult. 

      I sought diet management from several sources, but nothing worked out. When I first communicated with the health expert from ToneOp , they brought my confidence back by reassuring me that their easy-to-follow diet plans would help my condition. 

      The regional diet plans really allowed me to choose from the readily available meal options. In just 3 months, I lost 10 kg. I am impressed by how finely everything is taken care of by ToneOp. I would like to thank the whole team of ToneOp for being my guide.”

      Like her we have many happy clients across India, who chose ToneOp as their health expert. So what is stopping you? 

      5. Our Contribution To Society 

      TonOp is the partner of the upcoming Pankh MP Half-Marathon. It is an initiative of the Bansal News to support the persistence and commitment of the upcoming Sport Stars of Madhya Pradesh. There are three categories in the marathon: 

      • Half Marathon (21.0975 km) 
      • Open 10k (10km)   
      • Run for Fun (6km) 

      MP Pankh Half Marathon will be concluded with Pankh Khel Protsahan Awards to reward young sports achievers. The event will commence on 26th February 2023 from the TT Nagar Stadium, Bhopal. If you are a fitness and running enthusiast, then come forward and join this thrilling event. 

      So what are you waiting for? This 26th of January, come forward to support the young Sports Stars Of MP. Be a part of the Pankh MP Half Marathon. Register now. Click here! 

      Contact - 942 582 7903,  7880094636, 8269199962


      Email - [email protected]

      Instagram - @mp.marathon 


      We hope you got all your answers, and can now choose ToneOp for your health. Make this Republic day a life-changing day of your life. Happy Republic Day! 

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