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      Saffron Milk (Kesar Dudh) Benefits And Potential Side Effects

    • You can not control what goes on outside. However, you can control what goes on inside! 

      The most expensive spice in the world, saffron, is expensive not because of its cost but because of its benefits to our health. The saffron milk benefits are many, and each glass of milk helps improve our health and overall well-being.

      Saffron milk has become quite popular these days. It is a milk beverage packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and aids in several medical conditionsIf you want to improve your skin or mood and have a milk-based drink handy, kesar dudh is an ideal choice.

      Keep on scrolling to learn everything about saffron milk!

      Table Of Contents

      1. An Overview Of Saffron 

      2. The Health Benefits Of Saffron Milk 

      3. Potential Side Effects Of Saffron Milk 

      4. The Final Say 

      5. FAQs 

      An Overview Of Saffron 

      Saffron is a spice known for its rich colour and unique flavour. It is often considered the queen of spices due to its incredible health benefits. It is a spice native to the perennial crocus flower that has been prized for its distinctive colour and aroma for centuries. This spice has been used in traditional medicine for its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties. 

      The Health Benefits Of Saffron Milk 

      Saffron milk is very easy-to-make, and you do not need many ingredients. Here are the benefits of kesar dudh or saffron milk that would make you want to empty a glass right away.

      1. Helps In Weight Loss 

      Munching is a common habit that causes weight gain and leads to health-related problems. According to a few researchers, kesar helps to prevent snacking by curbing your appetite. In turn, this results in weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. 

      2. Reduces Premenstrual Symptoms 

      Saffron milk can help reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) by improving the complexion and reducing inflammation and swelling.  A few studies show, In women aged 20-45, consuming 30mg of saffron daily was more effective than a placebo at treating PMS, such as irritability, pain and cravings. 

      Adding saffron milk to your diet can achieve a more even skin tone and a healthy glow. So empty a glass of saffron milk to support your health and beauty today!

      3. Helps To Fight Cancer 

      Saffron is one of the most potent natural cancer-fighting agents, with anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce cancer treatment's pain and side effects. Saffron is also considered a natural painkiller and has been shown to have anti-carcinogenic properties in clinical studies.

      4. Keeps Skin Healthy And Happy! 

      Saffron milk is a unique skin care treatment with numerous skin benefits. This milk is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, making it an excellent choice for treating signs of ageing and promoting health and vitality. 

      It can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of ageing by improving the skin's health. In addition to its skincare benefits, saffron milk is also effective in reducing scars and other signs of damage to the skin. Additionally, saffron milk contains several essential vitamins and minerals for healthy skin.

      5. Reduces Blood Sugar Levels 

      Saffron has been shown to benefit blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. It works by slowing glucose absorption from food, which helps maintain blood sugar levels within a normal range. In addition to its effects on blood sugar levels, saffron has anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce the symptoms of diabetes.

      6. Improves Eyesight 

      Kesar dudh can improve eyesight because it helps to improve blood circulation. This can lead to improved vision and reduced inflammation in the eyes. It can also reduce inflammation and improve skin elasticity, leading to more youthful-looking eyes. So if you are looking for a natural way to treat your eye health, saffron milk may be worth a try!

      Potential Side Effects Of Saffron Milk 

      Be it medications or natural herbs, excess of anything can lead to side effects. Saffron milk does have a few potential side effects. Let us look at them: 

      • It is safe to use saffron during breastfeeding. However, following all recommended safety guidelines is best when handling or consuming saffron-containing foods and beverages.
      • Overconsumption of saffron milk has side effects, including nausea, dizziness, and stomach pain.
      • People with a known allergy to saffron should avoid using it. 
      • Saffron should be used with caution if you have any severe medical conditions. Before using saffron, it is essential to consult with your doctor to ensure the safety of the spice for your health and well-being.
      • It is recommended not to consume large amounts of saffron without consulting a nutritionist, as it may cause nausea and vomiting.

      The Final Say 

      Saffron milk is also effective in treating indigestion and stomachache. The antioxidants in saffron milk help to soothe an upset stomach and restore regularity during menstruation.  Moreover, saffron milk is a natural source of iron and magnesium, which are essential for healthy blood circulation and overall health. Finally, saffron milk is a tasty beverage with many benefits to your health and beauty. So try it out if you have not already!


      1. What is the best time to have saffron milk? 

      To reap its benefits, it is recommended to drink saffron milk first thing in the morning. 

      2. Does saffron helps to remove tan? 

      Yes, exfoliating properties of saffron make it a perfect tan removal. 

      3. How many threads of saffron can I consume in a day? 

      It is recommended to have around 1.5 grams of saffron in a day. It is enough to reap the health benefits of saffron. 

      4. Is saffron hot for the body? 

      Saffron is known to be warm in nature and helps to boost immunity against various allergies and colds. 

      5. Does saffron expire? 

      No, saffron does not expire! However, it does have a short shelf life. It loses its aroma and flavour as it ages or is not preserved. 


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