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      The Best Diet Plan For Weight Gain

    • Gaining weight is not as simple as it sounds! However, there are several diet plans to lose weight and significantly fewer plans for weight gain. 

      Consuming junk foods and soda drinks may help you gain weight but can increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic diseases. So for gaining weight, the approach should always be holistic. It should include all the nutrients that make your body reach a healthy weight. 

      Individuals are underweight if their body mass index (BMI) is less than 18. According to the weight gain calculator, “ A person should consume 300-500 kcal extra to gain weight. Moreover, if you want to achieve a little fast, then aim to consume 700-900 kcal extra calories, which is a bit arduous to add to a routine diet.” 

      That is not it! There are a lot of things you should consider in your weight gain journey. Here they are! 

      Table Of Contents 

      1. Why Is It Necessary To Gain Weight? 

      2. Ways To Gain Healthy Weight 

      3. General Diet Plan For Weight Gain 

      4. Foods That Help To Gain Weight 

      5. Dieititian’s Recommendation

      6. The Final Say 

      7. FAQs 

      Why Is It Necessary To Gain Weight? 

      Health is not only wealth; it is the status of well-being! Not having a healthy weight can lead to many medical issues or poor nutrition. Moreover, the ideal weight will also help you to look presentable and confident. 

      Gaining weight is a task! It includes consuming extra calories from protein shakes and a healthy diet which sometimes becomes tedious, and you may not eat as per the diet. However, some foods like nuts and smoothies can help you increase your calorie intake healthily. 

      If we talk about the ratio, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that women are nearly twice as likely as men to be underweight. 1.3% of men and 2% of women aged 20 years and over in a U.S poll that divided participants into men and women who are underweight. 

      Ways To Gain Healthy Weight

      Gaining weight can be challenging! However, we have listed a few ways to help you make your weight gain journey easier. 

      1. Opt Nutrient-Rich Food

      Consuming anything unhealthy, like junk, fried and oily foods affects the body. On the other hand, consuming nutrient-rich food like vegetables, fruits, nuts, pulses, whole grains, dairy products, and animal products like chicken, eggs, and seeds will help you gain healthy and sustainable weight.

      2. Eat More Often 

      Instead of having 2-3 large meals a day, trying 5-6 smaller meals a day will help you consume extra calories. Also, add nuts and seeds in smoothies as they will provide extra calories and essential nutrition for gaining weight. 

      3. Avoid Drinking Anything Before Meals 

      Do not drink before your meal! Read that again. People trying to gain weight must stop drinking fluid before meals, as water or liquid reduces appetite. As a result, you eat tiny amounts. So try to avoid drinking any juice before feeding yourself. 

      4. Have Shakes And Smoothies 

      Instead of plain milk, try to include milk and fruit-based shakes and smoothies as they provide many calories and good protein and vitamins. Also, add some seeds and nuts for extra calories in small quantities.

      5. Consume Calorie Rich Snacks 

      Try to consume small snacks which are healthy and calorie-rich. For example, you can grab peanut butter, almond butter, some cheese and nuts, and small snack options on the go. Thus, the aim is to eat in small portions rather than big meals to segregate the calorie intake well throughout the day.

      6. Exercise Daily

      Whether your goal is to lose or gain weight, moving your body is necessary. Doing cardio for at least 30 minutes or strength training a day helps to build muscles and also helps to gain weight and promote appetite.

      General Diet Plan For Weight Gain 

      Wondering about the diet plan to opt for weight gain? Here it is! 

      Early morning - Warm jeera water with chia seeds. 

      Breakfast - 2 onion stuffed paratha with green chutney and mixed nuts/1 vegetable cheese grilled sandwich with 1 glass of milk. 

      Mid-morning - 1 glass fruit shake/pomegranate smoothie. 

      Lunch -  1.5 serving paneer curry with 1 serving masoor dal + 1 bajra roti + 1 serving brown rice and salad/1.5 serving soyabean pulao with masala buttermilk and 1 big bowl of salad.

      Afternoon - Coffe/tea 

      Evening - 2 toasted slices of bread with butter or 5 almonds and 5 ghee-roasted walnuts.

      Dinner - 2 serving matar pulao with mixed vegetable raita and 1 small katori paneer kheer/2 multigrain roti with 1.5 serving mushroom sabji + 1 serving masala curd and salad.

      Bed Time - 1 cup warm milk. 

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      Foods That Help To Gain Weight 

      Here is a list of the foods that can help you gain weight. 

      • Energy-dense foods like dark chocolate peanut butter avocados, coconut milk and granola. 
      • Nuts like peanuts, almonds, and walnuts. 
      • Meat, such as eggs, chicken leg, chicken breast, chicken thighs etc. 
      • Dried fruits, including dates, raisins etc. 
      • High-fat dairy products include whole milk, cheese, full-fat yoghurt and cream. 
      • Tubers such as potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes, etc. 
      • Fats and oils like avocado oil and extra virgin oil. 
      • Whole grains such as brown rice, oats, jowar, ragi etc. 

      Dietitian's Recommendation 

      Small but healthy tips and tricks can help you in this journey. Carry some nutritious snacks with you to control your hunger pangs and provide good vitamins and minerals. 

      While travelling, you can always carry ghee-roasted nuts or a homemade energy bar made from dates and nuts. Also, you can make a homemade protein powder by mixing powdered oats with nuts and peanuts and 1-3 spoons of protein which can be consumed by adding milk. Moreover, you can try and make homemade protein bars. 

      -Dietician Akshata Gandevikar

      The Final Say 

      Gaining weight requires patience and hard work! First, a proper diet plan to gain weight is needed, which offers all the healthy and calorie-dense options that are best to increase muscle mass and weight simultaneously. 

      Proper strategies and tips should be followed to gain weight along with the diet plan. You can also consult your dietitian and nutritionist to reach your goal. 


      1. Is it safe to drink a protein shake to gain weight? 

      Yes, a protein shake helps to provide high-quality protein to the body, which helps to build muscle mass and bulk more healthily.

      2. What is the best diet plan for weight gain? 

      A diet plan consisting of fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, pulses and legumes is considered the best for weight gain. Hence, the diet should be balanced with macros and micros. 

      3. What are the best fruits for weight gain? 

      Chiku, banana, and mango have higher calories than other fruits consumed in a weight gain diet.

      4. What is the vegetarian protein-rich option for weight gain?

      Pulses, legumes, nuts, dairy products, peanut butter and soy products are the best protein-rich options for gaining weight.

      5. How do I  consume seeds to add extra nutrients and calories to a weight gain diet?

      You can add seeds trial mix into smoothies, shakes, on fruit salads or regular salads, or you can also eat it as it is, providing extra calories and nutrition. 

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