Weight Gain For Pre-Wedding: Tips And Diet Plan

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Monday, 10-Oct-2022

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Weight Gain For Pre-Wedding: Tips And Diet Plan

Wedding season is in the air, and if it is your special day you need to look your best! The notion of losing weight is popular, but if you are underweight, weight gain can also be a concern. We have got your back!

When it comes to weight gain people often consider it to be easier than weight loss and that you just have to eat and gain weight. It seems easy but it is not! You do not want to look overweight or unhealthy on your big day, right? 

So what does it take to gain proper weight? 

Your willingness, consistency and most importantly eating the right food to gain weight along with exercise. Now that is what you need to focus on, to enhance your look on your special day!

To gain weight that will last, it is essential to consider healthy diet choices, but selecting the correct foods for weight gain can be challenging.

People frequently consume high-calorie foods in an effort to gain weight quickly, but in doing so, they wind up accumulating large amounts of body fat. If we are not mistaken, the bride and groom definitely do not want to add to their weight in this way. It is essential to gain weight efficiently.

Here are some effective tips and diet plans that you can surely try to gain healthy weight before your wedding.

Vital Nutrients For Pre-Wedding Weight Gain

1. Carbohydrates

Weight gain on your mind? Carbs are what you should have!

You should concentrate on ingesting more complex carbs, which are found in foods like pasta, brown rice, whole grains, legumes, and starchy vegetables like sweet potato, potato, yams, etc. if you want to gain weight.

As opposed to processed cereals and bread, which contain no nutrients, these foods are naturally high in calories and also rich in other nutrients.

2. Proteins  

Wedding preparations can be stressful and exhausting. Fuel yourself with some power and strength of protein! After all, you need to carry those shopping bags too!

Protein-rich diets are wonderful for gaining weight and can help you build muscle mass, and when combined with strength exercise, they produce the best results. Because muscle mass is denser than fat, you gain lean weight and look fitter as a result.

Eggs, chicken, lentils, pulses, paneer, milk, curd, buttermilk, almonds, soy products, and fish such as White Vaval fish are all good sources of protein.

3. Fats - Just The Healthy Ones!

Yes, you need fats too for gaining weight, but only the healthy ones to ace your wedding look.

People typically view fats as harmful element, but there are actually some types of fats, such as omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, MUFA, and PUFA, which may be found in nuts, oilseeds like sesame, sunflower, canola, and olive oil, as well as pumpkin and flax seeds, that are good for your body and skin.

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Do not confuse good fats with fried or processed meals, even though they have more calories and might cause weight gain when consumed.

4. Natural Sugars - Sweets Are Not Always Bad

Sweet moments require some happiness with a touch of sweetness. Your look will enhance your big day as the eyes will be on you!

You gain weight if you consume sugars like lactose and fructose in their natural forms. Fruits often contain fructose, whereas dairy items typically contain lactose, and some high-calorie sugars, including sucrose, dextrose, and refined sugars, can also make you gain weight. 

However, be sure to pick healthier options like fruits, jaggery, honey, and dates that provide both good amounts of minerals and calories. 

We hope, along with healthy weight gain, you also achieve great happiness with some precious memories to kick-start the new chapter of your life.

Tips To Gain Weight Before Wedding For Bride And Groom

  • Consume a protein-rich diet.
  • Increase intake of calories gradually (avoid sudden increase).
  • Increase intake of fibre-rich foods.
  • Drink more fluids than water.
  • Do some muscle training.
  • Measure your hips, waist and stomach (before and after).
  • Eat often in intervals.

Diet Plan For Pre-wedding Weight Gain For Male And Female

We have mentioned below some very effective diet plans for both bride and groom that you can try for healthy weight gain. However, you also need to remind yourself that gaining weight also requires consistency and dedication, just like weight loss. 

So, with keeping that into consideration, these are for your special day! 

  • Diet Plan 1

  • Early morning:  1 glass of Ajwain water with chia seeds. 


  • Breakfast: 1 cup milk + mixed nuts (7-8) + 2 brown bread paneer sandwiches with some green chutney. 

Sounds healthy, right? More to come!

  • Mid-morning: 1 glass banana shake / 6-8 ghee sauteed nuts/ dates.

  • Lunch: 3 multigrain roti with 1 serving of potato curry + 1 serving of thick dal + 1 big bowl salad and 1 serving of rice.
  • Afternoon: tea/ coffee
  • Evening: 1 serving chana chaat/ 1 serving poha and peanut chivda
  • Dinner: 2 servings of soya chunk rice with masala dahi. 1.5 serving or 2 big paneer and cheese Frankie with green chutney and 1 serving of beans salad
  • Diet Plan 2

  • Early morning: 1 glass of fennel water with chia seeds
  • Breakfast:  2 onion parathas with 1 bowl nuts mixed curd 
  • Mid-morning: 1 glass fruit shake
  • Lunch: 1 serving of chicken curry with 1 serving brown rice, + 1 paratha and 1 serving sabzi and 1 big bowl salad 
  • Afternoon: 1 glass of milk
  • Evening: 1 glass of pomegranate juice and 1 butter-toasted bread 
  • Dinner:  2 jowar roti with salad and 1.5 servings of beans sabzi

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  • Diet Plan 3

  • Early morning: 1 glass of jeera water with chia seeds.
  • Breakfast: 2 sprouts and besan cheela with green chutney and mixed nuts 
  • Mid-morning: 1 glass protein shake 
  • Lunch: 2 big paneer stuffed parathas with 1.5 servings of masala curd and 1 big bowl salad.

Feels full? Well, taking a nap could not be a bad idea after this!

  • Afternoon: Ghee roasted mix nuts and 1 cup of tea.
  • Evening: 1 big bowl of fruit with pumpkin seeds.
  • Dinner: 1.5 servings of matar pulao with vegetable raita and 1 serving of paneer vegetable salad.

Next best action step: REPEAT!

The Final Say

Yes, we understand it is difficult to achieve what you want, but starting it all is what it takes. The key to weight gain is to eat more nutritious calories in order to put on weight steadily. 

Be it the to-be bride or groom who wants to put on weight before getting married to look their finest, they should choose their foods carefully to avoid gaining bulk and take part in a physical exercise in order to develop a toned body and muscles.

On top of everything, also make sure to maintain a good mood as much as possible, so that your body too speaks the same and you could carry a cheerful yet healthy look at your wedding!


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