Can Amla Help In Weight Loss? Here’s What You Should Know!

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Published on: 10-Apr-2024


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Lalita Vishwakarma


Can Amla Help In Weight Loss? Here’s What You Should Know!

Can Amla Help In Weight Loss? Here’s What You Should Know!

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Hey there! Maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle is essential for all of us, but it can be challenging to balance, given most people's hectic lives today. Many people, while trying to juggle their personal and professional lives, often fail to look after themselves, leading to unhealthy habits and medical conditions. One of these is weight gain, which is steeply rising in India. Luckily, there's a natural solution that you might have heard of (but didn’t think much about!): Amla (also known as Indian gooseberry).    

Amla is enriched with essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, providing many health benefits. It can help detoxify your body, improve gut health, and even boost your immune system. Plus, research suggests that adding amla to weight loss strategies could aid fat burning! 

You can find it in various forms, such as fruit, juice, dry powder, candy, and murabba. In this article, we'll explore the role of amla in weight loss and discover how this underrated fruit can help you lose weight (backed by scientific facts). We'll even give you some tips on preparing and consuming amla at home. Plus, you will discover some yummy recipes to make your weight loss journey more enjoyable. So, continue reading! 

Key Highlights  

  • Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, and its scientific name is "Phyllanthus emblica" 

  • It is mainly found in India, Southeast Asia, China, Iran, and Pakistan.   

  • It is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants such as gallic acid, ascorbic acid, and phenolic compounds. 

  • It improves liver health, promotes digestion, and provides an adaptogenic effect 

Table of Contents  

  1. Is Amla Good For Losing Weight?  

  1. How Does Amla Help In Weight Loss? 

  1. How To Use Dry Amla For Weight Loss?  

  1. How Do You Eat Amla On A Diet?  

  1. Nutritional Composition Of Amla  

  1. Dietitian’s Recommendations   

  1. The Final Say 

  1. FAQs  

  1. References  

Is Amla Good For Losing Weight?  

Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, is a popular fruit with numerous health benefits. One of its most notable benefits is its ability to lose weight. Its high fibre content keeps you fuller for longer, promoting gut health and boosting immunity. 

Studies have shown that amla can effectively reduce body weight and belly fat, particularly in those on high-fat diets. It is also rich in essential nutrients such as vitamin C, dietary fibre, and other vital vitamins and minerals while being low in calories, only 44 calories per 100g. 

Amla is a rich source of antioxidants that fight obesity and can help you lose belly fat. Its high vitamin C content helps strengthen the immune system, boost metabolism, and fight toxins and inflammation.  

It also has excellent lipid-lowering properties that help fight symptoms associated with fatty liver and cholesterol, prevent obesity and better control body weight. It also helps remove toxins from the body, regulate digestion, maintain normal intestinal function, and fight constipation. 

How Does Amla Help In Weight Loss? 

Amla in weight loss diets is often recommended for its role in fat metabolism. Here is how amla helps with weight loss:  

1. It is Rich In Fiber   

Studies have shown that foods rich in soluble fibre can help prevent obesity. Amla, an excellent source of this substance, can help improve digestion and increase metabolic rate. Plus, it’s well known that adding fibre-rich fruits like amla in weight loss diets can help regulate harmful cholesterol levels, which is important for maintaining good overall health. 

2. Detoxifies Your Body 

Health experts have recommended consuming amla in weight loss diets to support the body’s natural detoxification processes. Amla can help detoxify your body, assisting individuals in losing weight by decreasing fat or water retention. You can drink amla juice on an empty stomach to make this possible. Due to its high fibre content, it is a great way to detoxify without using supplements. It can help eliminate toxins, manage digestion, maintain gut health, and prevent constipation, speeding up weight loss. 

3. Excellent Source of Vitamin C   

Including amla in weight loss plans has been gaining popularity due to its high vitamin C content, which can help reduce body fat. In fact, research suggests that a diet rich in vitamin C can increase fat oxidation by up to 30%. You can get a good amount of vitamin C from amla, which will help strengthen the immune system and promote overall health. 

4. Provides The Essential Nutrients   

Amla also provides essential nutrients and antioxidants that effectively prevent oxidative damage to cells and tissues. It is also a good source of vitamin B6, which helps convert food into energy, and copper, which supports metabolism. These factors are important and can aid in achieving weight loss goals. 

5. Strengthen Your Digestive System   

The amla fruit has alkaline properties that help cleanse the body and strengthen the digestive system. Amla juice, being fibre-rich, is also suitable for improving digestion. 

How To Use Dry Amla For Weight Loss?  

Amla is available in the market in different forms, such as fresh fruit, dry powder, juice, murabba, or candy. The tangy taste of amla in weight loss recipes adds flavour without extra calories. While each type can be consumed directly, people usually ask how they should use dry amla powder. So, here are some ways to add dried amla to your diet: 

  • You can add dried amla powder to curry to improve its taste  

  • You can also use dried amla in salads to add some flavour.   

  • You can prepare pomegranate juice and dry amla powder to boost your immunity.   

  • You can also drink amla green tea as an immunity booster.  

How Do You Eat Amla On A Diet?  

Adding amla in weight loss shakes or supplements is a natural approach to enhance fitness and bolster weight management goals. Beyond shakes and supplements, many other ways exist to add amla to fat-loss diet plans. Here are some additional options:   

Ways to eat Amla 


Amla Sweets 

Sweet-and-sour recipe containing sun-dried amla pieces sweetened with sugar, providing year-round health benefits. 

Amla Pickle 

It is a convenient way to consume amla daily, with a recommended one or two tablespoons per day. 

Amla Powder 

A cost-effective method to improve digestion is 1 teaspoon before each meal. 

Amla Juice 

It is a convenient drink for an immunity boost, prepared by diluting amla juice with water and honey. 

Amla Murabba 

A sweet and spicy delicacy made from amla, it offers various preparation options, like jelly and jam, and lasts for weeks. 

Curry and Dal 

Enhances Indian and South Asian curries with powdered amla, adding spicy flavour and health benefits. 

Amla Tea 

Quick and easy preparation is by boiling water with powdered or ground fresh amla and sweetening it with jaggery. 

Amla Chutney 

This quick side dish recipe adds spice to regular dishes. It consists of garlic, coriander seeds, green chillies, curry leaves, and amla cooked and blended with salt and fenugreek seeds. 

Amla Smoothie 

A blend of raw or powdered amla with your favourite fruits for a nutritious breakfast. 

Amla Dressing 

Sweet and spicy dressing for salads, pasta, curries, rice, nachos, and chips, customisable with olive oil and herbs. 

Nutritional Composition Of Amla  

You can get the following nutrients by consuming 100 grams of amla: 


Amount per 100 grams 





Dietary Fibres 








Vitamin C 


Vitamin A 

290 IU 

Vitamin K 


Vitamin B5 


Vitamin B6 





198 mg 











Dietitian’s Recommendation   

As a dietitian, I highly recommend including amla in moderation, but that too. It can help you control hunger pangs, boost your digestive health, and promote weight loss. It can also boost your immunity and cardiovascular health. You can follow the ways to consume amla mentioned in the blog. But be sure to have a medical consultation for any health issues.   

Dt. Lavina Chauhan 

The Final Say 

With the ever-changing health trends, amla in weight loss is a popular topic among health enthusiasts. Adding amla in any form to your weight loss plan burns calories and promotes overall health. It may help detoxify the body, boost digestion, improve metabolism and energy, and control blood sugar levels so that you may reach your weight loss goals. But don't take it as the only magic solution for losing weight. You need to eat a balanced diet and follow a workout routine. For more health-related tips and tricks, visit ToneOp! 


1. When should we drink amla juice? 

 You can drink amla juice on an empty stomach for weight loss in the morning. It can help you improve your digestion and gut health. 

2. Is amla effective for weight loss?   

That's right, amla is said to help with weight loss as it increases metabolic rate and removes toxins from the body. It also helps to keep your digestive health at its best.  

3. Are there any side effects to taking Amla?   

Although amla is safe to use, it is only when consumed moderately. If you increase its quantity, then you may face problems like: 

  • Hyperacidity (due to its vitamin C content) 

  • Allergy  

  • Constipation 


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