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      Dry Amla: Health Benefits And Recipe

    • Amla is bitter, but it is better than junk food! 

      We have been reading about the health benefits of amla for ages. Also known as gooseberry, amla has been used as Ayurvedic medicine to cure several medical conditions since ancient times. It has eight times more vitamin C than an orange, which is why this little fruit is called a superfood. 

      In Sanskrit, amla is known as amalaka, which means nectar for life. Amla is tasty, but the dry amla is even more delicious! Let us discuss some health benefits and recipes for dry amla. 

      Table Of Contents 

      1. Nutritional Value Of Dry Amla 

      2. The Health Benefits Of Dry Amla 

      3. Dry Amla Recipe 

      4. Ways To Add Amla To Your Diet 

      5. Dietitian’s Recommendation 

      6. The Final Say 

      7. FAQs 

      Nutritional Value Of Dry Amla 

      The nutritional value of 100g of dry amla is 

      • Calories- 48kcal
      • Protein- 1g
      • Fat- 0.5g
      • Carbohydrates- 10g
      • Fibre- 5g
      • Vitamin C- 478 mg
      • Vitamin A- 290 IU
      • Calcium- 25 mg
      • Potassium- 198 mg
      • Folate- 6mcg

      The Health Benefits Of Dry Amla

      Dry amla has ample benefits. Have a look! We have listed a few of them below. 

      1. Aids Weight Loss And Curbs Constipation 

      Dry amla improves digestion, which helps to burn fat and helps in weight loss. It works as a laxative as it is high in fibre which smoothens the bowels and prevents constipation. Moreover, it is alkaline, which prevents stomach ulcers.

      2. Curbs Congestions

      Dry amla is excellent for boosting immunity as it has bacteria-fighting properties, which prevent the common cold and flu. Also, dry amla helps to relieve the excess phlegm from the lungs and clear the congested lungs and airways. Likewise, dry amla is excellent for people suffering from bronchitis, respiratory illness and cough.

      3. Boosts Immunity 

      Amla has eight times more vitamin C than oranges, which makes it a great food to boost immunity and 17 times more antioxidants than pomegranate. The vitamin C in dry amla keeps the metabolism elevated and prevents viral infections.

      Preclinical studies have shown that amla possesses antipyretic, analgesic, antitussive, antiatherogenic, apoptogenic, cardioprotective, gastroprotective, antianemia, hypercholesterolemia, wound healing, antidiarrheal, anti-atherosclerosis, hepatoprotective, nephroprotective, and neuroprotective properties.

      4. Purifies Blood 

      Vitamin C is present in dry amla, which makes the blood vessels thicker and stronger. The antioxidant properties help detoxify the body, and taking dry amla regularly helps to increase the haemoglobin levels in the body.

      5. Controls Several Health Conditions 

      Dry amla helps fight the body's free radicals, which curbs the chances of having cancer, diabetes, and hypertension. Also, it helps to manage the blood sugar level in diabetes and promotes better heart functioning.

      A study by the National Health Institute says dry amla is high in fibre and slows sugar absorption into your bloodstream, preventing spikes in blood sugar levels.

      6. Cures Pimple And Acne 

      Amla is a natural blood purifier that keeps the body detoxified regularly. It helps curb the chances of acne and pimples, reduces the scars from the skin, and promotes skin healing.

      7. Promotes Good Eyesight 

      Dry amla is rich in carotene, which is excellent for improving eye vision and other eye problems like watery eyes, itching and reddening.

      8. Promotes Hair Growth 

      Regular consumption of dry amla helps to boost blood circulation in the scalp, promoting thicker hair and preventing hair fall and premature greying of hair. Also, it helps to reduce dandruff.

      Dry Amla Recipe 

      Here is the recipe for delicious and healthy dry amla. Have a look! 

      1. Dry Amla 

      These are easy to prepare, and sun-dried amla helps to keep the body healthy. These stay up to 1 and 1 ½ years. 


      • Amla- 6-7, whole 
      • Black pepper powder- 2 pinch 
      • Dry ginger powder- ⅓ tsp 
      • Salt, as per taste 

      Preparation Method 

      1. Wash the amla properly and cut them into wedges by removing the seeds. 

      2. Apply the salt, black pepper powder and dry ginger powder. Let the mixture sit for two hours. 

      3. Once the salt leaves the water, mix well again and sundry for two days. They will change their colour from green to blackish. 

      4. Once they are scorched and crisp. Fill them in an air-tight container. 

      2. Dry Amla Candy 

      Amla candy is the favourite of all. It is delicious, easy to make and healthy. 


      • Amla- 6-7 whole 
      • Sugar, as per taste 
      • Black salt- 1 pinch 
      • Preparation Method 

      1. Wash the amla properly and cut them into wedges by removing the seeds. 

      2. Boil the amla in a pressure cooker for two whistles. 

      3. Fill the air-tight container with amla and add sugar to it. Mix well by shaking the jar properly and keeping it aside for two days. 

      4. You will see the sugar is melted, and the amla is coated with sugar syrup. 

      5. Remove the excess syrup and sundry the sugar-coated amla for a day. 

      6. Again, store them in a clean air-tight container and keep them in a fridge. 

      Ways To Add Amla To Your Diet 

      Here are a few ways to add amla to your diet. 

      • You can add dry amla powder to curries for the tangy flavour.
      • You can use dry amla in salads also for a zesty taste.
      • You can make pomegranate and dry amla powder juice to boost immunity.
      • Also, you can have amla green tea as an immunity booster.

      Dietitian’s Recommendation 

      There are many health benefits of having dry amla mentioned above. However, you can use it to curb many common daily issues, like the common cold, ulcers, constipation, etc.

      • To reduce mouth ulcers, add dry amla powder in warm water and gargle with it, as dry amla has anti-inflammatory properties, which calms ulcer inflammation. You can simply consume dry amla candy, as well.
      • To curb premature greying of hair, make dry amla powder and curd together, apply this paste on hair for 30 minutes, and wash. Using it at regular intervals helps to boost hair growth and reduce premature greying of hair.
      • For constipation, you can gulp down dry amla directly with warm water or mix dry amla powder with warm water and drink before sleeping at night.


      -Dietitian Akshata Gandevikar 

      The Final Say 

      Amla is considered a superfood due to its magical healing properties, which help to curb cancer, inflammation, digestive issues, skin issues and many more. So having amla in any form raw, dry, powder, tablet or capsule benefits overall health.


      1. Is amla good for pregnant women?

      Yes! Amla contains folate, calcium, vitamin C and vitamin A, which is excellent for pregnant women. Still, you can consult your doctor before consuming to clear your doubts.

      2. How much dry amla can be consumed in a day?

      You can simply have 2-3 dry amla candies in a day without hesitation.

      3. Is amla good for people having diarrhoea?

      It is helpful as dry amla has anti-spasmodic properties that curb bloating and relax the muscles in diarrhoea.

      4. Can dry amla be consumed for weight loss?

      You can easily consume dry amla because it boosts the metabolism, which ultimately helps to burn fat and results in weight loss.

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