Swollen Stomach: Is It Belly Fat Or Bloating? ToneOp



Published on: 21-Feb-2023


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Harsimran Kaur


Swollen Stomach: Is It Belly Fat Or Bloating? ToneOp

Swollen Stomach: Is It Belly Fat Or Bloating? ToneOp

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Is that belly fat bothering you? Do you know that excess fat is not the only reason behind it?

As soon as you notice a swollen stomach, you worry about excess fat in your body. But there are two primary causes of swollen bellies: one is excess fat, and the other is bloating, which is usually overlooked. 

There is a difference between swollen stomachs due to these two conditions, which have different treatments. Where you can follow a weight loss plan to remove excess fat and reduce belly, gastrointestinal issues must be handled with a  particular diet. 

This blog will discuss different ways to identify if the swollen belly is due to bloating or excess fat. You will also know the solution to treat both conditions at home.

Table Of Contents

1. Is Fat Or Bloating Causing Swollen Stomach?

2. Home Remedies To Treat Swollen Stomach Due To Bloating 

3. Home Remedies To Treat Swollen Stomach Due To Excess Belly Fat

4. The Final Say

5. FAQs

Is Excess Fat Or Bloating Causing Swollen Stomach?

We know you are worrying about that swollen belly, but before you start a rigorous weight loss plan, it is essential to know the cause.

Here are different ways to tell if that swollen stomach is due to fat in your body or an issue in your gastrointestinal tract:

1. Check Belly In The Morning

The best way to tell the cause of your swollen belly is to check it in the mirror in the morning. As you wake up empty stomach, your food will already be out of there and is probably in the colon, so you will not get that bloated feeling. If you still feel a swollen belly, it is likely due to the fat.

If your stomach is two times smaller in the A.M. than in the P.M., it is bloating, and you need to treat your GI tract.

2. Recall Your Washroom Activities

If you consume less water and feel dehydrated, it will lead to constipation and bloating. And if the waste remains in your body, it will expand your belly, which will reduce once you clear it out. 

But if it is a stomach with fat, you will observe no change even after coming out of the washroom.

3. Which Body Part Is Swollen?

If only your belly swells up, it is probably bloating because fat affects most of your body, including your arms, thighs, butt, and face and takes time to leave you, whereas the bloated stomach is temporary, and you will get a flat tummy as soon as you treat it. So, resolve the issues timely, especially if it is excessive fat, because ignoring them can lead to problems like PCOD/PCOS, joint pains, etc.

4. Women Should Consider Their Periods

If you observe an expanded belly during periods, it is most likely due to bloating. It is because during this time, female sex hormones change, causing water retention and leading to a swollen tummy. 

5. Notice Belly After Meals

Mostly, bloating happens after meals and fluctuates throughout the day. If you feel bloated after lunch and the feeling goes away after some physical activity, you know the cause. You must take care of your diet if bloating bothers you frequently. 

Home Remedies To Treat Swollen Stomach Due To Bloating

We know swollen stomach bothers everyone, and if it is due to bloating, here are a few home remedies to treat the issue and reduce the belly:

1. Go Walking

Going on a walk will improve your bowel movement, which will help you release the excess gas and stool to remove bloating. 

2. Practice Yoga

Doing specific yoga poses pressurises the abdominal muscles to allow excess gas to leave your GI tract and relieve swollen stomachs by reducing bloating. For example, you can try Child’s Pose, Happy Baby Pose, and squats to get relief from gas.

3. Try Abdominal Massage

Doing a massage of your abdominal area helps with bowel movement. It helps to move gas and remove it from the stomach. If massaging causes discomfort or pain, stop doing it immediately.

4. Take Warm Water Bath And Relax

Taking a bath in warm water gives relief from abdominal pain. It will also relax you to reduce stress, which will help the gastrointestinal tract to work efficiently and relieve bloating.

5. Consume Fibre-Rich Diet

To permanently solve the problem of bloating, a person must include fibre in the diet as it will prevent constipation and gas. But you have to increase the intake gradually and should only consume it as required because excess fibre will again lead to gas and bloating.

6. Avoid Fizz

One should avoid fizzy and carbonated drinks because they contain gas that will build up in the stomach and bother you with bloating. You can instead drink more water to eliminate the issue and prevent constipation by staying hydrated.

Home Remedies To Treat Swollen Stomach Due To Belly Fat

Home Remedies To Treat Swollen Stomach Due To Belly Fat

If belly fat has been bothering you for a long time, these are the best home remedies you need to try:

1. Eat Capsicum

Adding capsicum to your diet will help reduce belly fat. You can add it to your meals and salads. In addition, it might help promote the use of fat stored in your body and releive swollen stomach. 

2. Consume Ginger

Daily consumption of ginger will enhance fat metabolism and promote the usage of fat stored in your body, like capsicum. It also helps reduce fat storage in your body to lose weight. 

3. Drink Enough Water

The easiest way of reducing belly fat is to increase water intake and stay hydrated. It is the cheapest drink that burns fat in your body and prevents various health issues.

4. Sleep Well

Getting a good night's sleep for eight hours is also necessary because during bedtime, your body functions to digest food and prevent fat from accumulating in your belly.

5. Chew Food Properly

To improve digestion, one should chew their food properly and prevent overeating. The more time you take to finish your food, the fewer calories you will ingest and prevent yourself from gaining weight.

The Final Say

A swollen stomach is temporary if the root cause is bloating, and it will take longer to go away if excess fat is the reason. It is easy to know the cause of a fluffy belly with the information in this blog and get appropriate treatment to make it leave you.


1. What are the causes of bloating?

Constipation, sugar and lactose intolerance, infection, eating fast, dehydration, and irritable bowel syndrome are some causes of bloating.

2. Can fasting reduce bloating?

Yes, not eating food for 12-14 hours gives rest to your digestive system and helps reduce bloating.

3. Can protein help in weight loss?

Yes, a protein-rich diet helps reduce weight because it will be low in fats to prevent its accumulation in your body.

4. What are some effective fat-burning remedies?

Consuming turmeric, ginger, green tea, cumin, lemon and honey, and capsicum are beneficial ways to burn fat.

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