Nutritional Needs During Menopause -TONEOP



Published on: 04-Jul-2022


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Nutritional Needs During Menopause -TONEOP

Nutritional Needs During Menopause -TONEOP

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Let us ease this utter discomfort for you. After a long fall, here comes the end of this season, “The Menopause”. It is a  stage of life that sounds like a horror movie. 

It is an experiential belief, that menopause is the most difficult stage of every women's life. Well, menopause can be discomforting but there are ways to ease it. Some factors are critical in menopause, among which maintaining a proper nutritional diet rolls to the top. 

Diet has a great impact on the health and functioning of internal organs. Adopting a proper diet routine is the best way to be on a healthy track.

Table of Contents 

1. Why is Diet Management Important in Menopause?
2. Age and Menopause
3. Delay in Menopause! Know Why?
4. Symptoms of Menopause
5. Nutrition in Menopause 
6. Food that Amplifies Menopause Symptoms.
7. The Final Say
8. FAQ

Why is Diet Management Important in Menopause?

For years we have been listening to the importance of balanced and its effects on various health conditions. However, the role of nutrition in menopause is often undervalued. The food we eat can affect the physical and mental manifestations of our hormonal patterns.

Women over the age of 45, may experience physical and emotional changes due to perimenopause. This can negatively influence energy, mood, or weight, and cause long-term chronic diseases. The good news is that slight dietary modifications relieve perimenopause and menopause symptoms to help you look and feel your best.

Age and Menopause

Several studies have been conducted on how nutrition might affect the age at which women stop menstruating but the results have been inconclusive. When a female body reaches the age of 45-55, the natural menopause cycle begins.

Delay in Menopause! Know Why?

Refined sugars (such as packaged food varieties, white bread, and pasta) appear to delay menopause, potentially because these kinds of food increase the risk for insulin resistance and adversely affect the balance and production of female hormones.

A study suggests that having a healthy diet plan, which includes vegetables and fish, may delay the time before menopause by two years. This was especially true for women who consume more vitamin B6 (found in chickpeas, potatoes, organ meats, and greasy fish) and zinc (found in whole grains, meat, beans, and nuts).

Symptoms of Menopause

symtoms of menopause

Weight Gain

Unintended weight gain is commonly reported during menopause. As we age, our muscle mass typically diminishes. This occurs as the body goes through several metabolic changes, leading to a slower rate at which we use calories and an increased rate of fat storage. 

Sugar cravings

Many women experience sugar cravings when going through menopause. When your body is tired, it looks for energy and converts body sugar into fuel. It is observed that on days when women feel depleted and tired, sugar cravings can get out of control. 

Other common symptoms of menopause include night sweats, hot flashes, loss of libido, vaginal dryness, disturbed sleep, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, and fatigue. 

Nutrition in Menopause

Research has shown that a proper diet plan can have a significant impact on menopausal symptoms and side effects. 

A recent report found that postmenopausal women who consumed at least four servings of vegetables daily, particularly green and leafy vegetables had better lipid profiles. They were 33% less inclined to have high LDL cholesterol, which is a huge gamble factor for cardiovascular illness.

A study of postmenopausal middle-aged women found that women who ate more antioxidants, found in colourful plant foods (especially berries, beans, dark leafy greens, and dark chocolate), reported fewer symptoms.

Nutrient-rich diet can prevent excess weight gain and reduce the risk of insulin resistance, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

Food that Amplifies Menopause Symptoms


The symptoms like weight gain and fatigue result from hormonal changes and the impact these changes have on your metabolism, mood, and body fat levels. 

Some women report a correlation between eating certain foods and experiencing an increase in the severity of menopausal symptoms.

Simple carbs are instant serotonin (feel-good hormone) boosters that lead to a low serotonin state later, which aggravates cravings. If you're dealing with menopausal cravings, turning to a balanced diet plan of fresh fruits and vegetables can be the best way to control and manage them. 

The consumption of caffeine, sugar, alcohol and spicy food may trigger hot flashes and other symptoms in women. 

Is a plant-based diet the best way to reduce symptomatic menopause? 

In a study conducted on menopause, researchers identified the possible link of three distinct dietary patterns to the occurrence of menopausal symptoms. The three types of diets are a diet plan completely based on fruits and vegetables, a diet plan including salad dressing, oils, and desserts containing a high sugar content, and a diet based on fatty food.

Fascinatingly, the study showed that women who followed a diet full of vegetables and fruits had fewer menopausal symptoms than women whose diets included oils, fats, sugary food, and snacks. Several food items including soybean flour, alfalfa sprouts, and soy products such as soymilk, tofu, and soy sauce contain substances that can reduce the severity of menopausal hot flashes.

This finding is consistent with other studies examining the relationship between a nutritious diet plan and menopausal symptoms. 

The Final Say

Whether you're just starting to experience perimenopause symptoms, continuing to deal with them into postmenopause, or simply looking for some guidance on what to expect in the coming years of life, maintaining a balance in your lifestyle is the key.

A balanced diet in menopause doesn't have to mean a complete no to all tasty food. It is switching to better and healthier options. A plant-based diet is best for hormonal balance and overall health. After all, little changes bring big differences.


1. What is the expected age to start eating healthy for comforting menopause?

A female body enters the menopause cycle between the age of 45 to 55.

It is recommended to have a healthy diet routine throughout, but by the age of 40, you should start following a planned diet for your menopause.

2. What food supplements should be included in the daily diet to ease menopause? 

Include soy products, calcium, and b-12 in your diet which helps in easing the discomfort of menopause.

3. Is the delay in menopause natural?

45-55 years is the ideal age for menopause. If there is a delay in your menopause cycle, you should seek medical consultation to avoid complications.

4. Can I continue gyming in menopause?

Yes, it is always advised that you should indulge in physical activities & exercises. As menopause causes hormonal imbalance, there are chances of weight gain. 

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