Best Dry Fruits For Weight Loss

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Friday, 05-Aug-2022

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Best Dry Fruits For Weight Loss

Nowadays, every individual is into weight loss, and healthy eating as being overweight and obesity has taken a toll on everyone causing medical conditions like heart issues, diabetes and many more.

Although it is pretty tricky to avoid those evening cravings, snacking mindfully can be helpful to shed extra calories.

Table Of Contents

1. Why Dry Fruits?

2. Dry Fruits That Are Best For Weight Reduction 

3. Tips For Including Dry Fruits And Nuts In Your Diet

4. Various Methods To Regularly Consume Nuts

5. Keep These In Mind

6. The Final Say 

7. FAQs

Why Dry Fruits?

Nutrient-dense dry fruits are also regarded as superfoods. Regularly eating dry fruits as snacks ensure you do not consume too many carbohydrates while giving your body a lot of nutrients, healthy fats, and low carbs. Dry fruits help people lose weight since they have little carbohydrates and increase their metabolism.

Dry Fruits That Are Best For Weight Reduction 

Dry Fruits That Are Best For Weight Reduction


Eating a small number of almonds daily will help your general health because they are shallow in calories and carbohydrates. Almonds are rich in proteins, MUFA, and antioxidants. They also help decrease cholesterol, typically more significant in obese and overweight people. 10gm of almonds made up of 6-7 almonds and includes only 57 kcal and 6 gm of carbs, is an excellent snack for those trying to lose weight.

Almonds also contain Vitamin E, which is excellent for skin, eye health, and anti-ageing.


Pistachios have a lot of fibre, which keeps you full for a longer time and helps you avoid overeating. One serving (10 gm) of pistachios has 56 kcal and only 3 gm of carbs. It is also helpful for digestion.

Pistachios have the potential to maintain blood sugar levels and gut microbes.


It is well known that cashews supply 73% of the recommended daily magnesium intake. Magnesium helps the body metabolise fat and carbs.


Dates are regarded as the best type of food because they make an excellent alternative to sweets and partially satisfy sugar cravings. 

Dates contain potassium and vitamin B5, which might help the body expel extra water (water retention). Also, dates have a lot of fibre which reduces cravings and hunger. Dates are rich in vitamin B5, which increases stamina in the body, allowing you to exercise longer and assisting in weight loss.


High-fat content lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases. For those who are overweight, including omega three and ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) can be a fantastic option to reduce bad cholesterol and support weight loss.


After consuming apricots, you will not experience hunger for at least five hours. The body's magnesium levels allow for the regulation of fat metabolism. The Health benefits of ripe and dried apricots are similar.


100 gm of raisins have only 0.5 gm of fat and 299 calories, making it a terrific weight-loss snack. 

The iodine content in raisins is very high. Raisins also control vision-related issues, enhance bone health, ease digestion, support weight loss, and lower body blood sugar levels.


Prunes are high in fibre, which helps with weight loss and detoxifies the body by removing impurities. They are a healthy snack for those who need to limit their daily calorie intake because 100 gm of them contain just 240 calories.


Figs contain the enzyme fiction, which assists digestion, promoting weight loss when combined with other enzymes. Additionally, dried figs have a lot of digestive fibres.

Tips For Including Dry Fruits And Nuts In Your Diet

  • Pack some nuts and dried fruit for snacks, along with an apple or a banana.
  • Blend the nuts and dried fruits to create a powder that can be used as a nutrient-rich ingredient in smoothies, desserts, and drinks.
  • Add to soups and salads in place of the croutons' crunch. Select the proper nut, lightly crush it, and then include it.
  • Almonds, cashews, or dates can be added in crushed or chopped form to your morning cereal. Almonds are low in calories—one of the most effective dry fruits for weight loss.
  • Dry fruit chikki is available for snacking. In Indian markets, peanut chikkis are widely accessible. However, cooking at home is always preferred. Additionally, suppose you decide to prepare your own healthy dry fruit chikki for weight reduction. In that case, you can include your favourite nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, or cashew nuts, and some dates for sweetness.
  • You will undoubtedly adore this one if you enjoy kebabs. Make at home using hanging curd, paneer, and dried figs. 

Various Methods To Regularly Consume Nuts

You can consume nuts in various ways if you do not want to consume them raw.

Drinking almond milk can give you the benefits of both milk and almonds. Almond milk is also low in fat and calories.

In addition to providing multiple health benefits, various nuts can help you control your cravings. Protein bars are one of the best ways to consume nuts.

In the morning smoothie, consume fruit and nuts like cashews, dates, almonds, or raisins.

Keep These In Mind

Dried fruit has to be eaten in moderation. A certain number consumed daily is sufficient because dry fruits have a high amount of nutrients. As they are high in calories, overeating can cause some adverse effects.

Avoid consuming dry fruits with added sugar or salt.

The Final Say 

Dried fruits are the most fantastic choice for snacking and foods that help with weight reduction because they are significantly low in calories and carbs and high in high-quality nutrients, healthy fats, and fibre. 

If someone is unwilling to eat dried fruits straight, adding them to smoothies and desserts can also help obtain additional benefits. Dried fruits have fewer calories and carbohydrates than fresh fruits, making them perfect for weight loss. 


1. Are eating soaked dried fruits more beneficial?

Soaking enhances the flavour, fortifies other nutrients, and ensures digestion.

2. How many numbers of dry fruits should be taken every day?

 Consuming 6-7 pieces of dried fruit is enough for the body's daily requirements.

3. Do dried fruits help to lose belly?  

Raisins and figs are known to lose belly fat, and apricots and prunes also aid digestion and lose belly fat.


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