Walnuts And Their Benefits For Hair



Published on: 07-Jan-2023


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Rishi Singh


Walnuts And Their Benefits For Hair

Walnuts And Their Benefits For Hair

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Dull hair, hair fall, less volume, dandruff and so on. We all have faced at least one of these hair care issues. In this fast-moving world, taking proper care of our hair becomes challenging. We turn to chemically induced products for faster results, eventually harming our hair quality. 

But there is a solution to these problems -Walnuts! 

Walnuts are the most effective nuts for hair concerns and are very hair friendly. It is no secret that walnuts are good for you but also have particular hair benefits. The abundance of nutrients vitamins B1, B6, B9, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, iron and a whole lot of proteins packed in them makes them the perfect powerhouse of the proper nutrients for hair growth and health.

If dull skin or damaged hair are the problems you face, it is an excellent time to include akhrot(walnut) in your diet and skin/hair care routine. 

They also have anti-ageing effects, so adding them to your diet is the thing to do for younger-looking, healthy skin. Incorporating them into your diet can also help you with weight loss and the prevention of several  medical condition.

Table Of Contents

1. 5 Wonderful Benefits Of Walnut For Hair 

2. How To Add Walnuts To Your Diet? 

3. The Final Say 

4. FAQs 

5 Wonderful Benefits Of Walnut For Hair 

Here are some lesser-known benefits of walnuts that would make you want to add walnuts to your diet and hair care routine. 

1. Repairs Damaged Hair 

Walnuts are rich in omega-3, vitamin E, and potassium which helps reduce the risk of breakage and hair fall and make them stronger and healthier. They protect our hair from the harsh sun rays, exposure to dust and other environmental damage. 

The abundance of antioxidants and fatty acids helps in the stimulation of inert or inactive follicles of hair, reducing damage and promoting hair growth and density, making them healthier, stronger and even fuller.  

The richness of walnut in zinc, copper, and iron helps speed up the process of hair growth and efficiently increases hair quality. 

2. Reduction In Hair Fall 

Hair loss is one of the most feared things one faces; the possibility of having an extensive hair-fall journey that could, in a very short amount of time, make you reach baldness is very real and inevitable at times if not taken care of at the right time. Using walnut oil is the most effective natural way to prevent balding by reducing hair fall. 

Walnut contains vitamins B1, B6, B9 and E, plenty of potassium and protein, which help strengthen hair cuticles and prevent the thinning of hair.

Massaging your areas of baldness with walnut oil 2-3 times a week for a few months will show you visible sprouts of hair growing out in some time.

3. Increases The Scalp Strength 

Dry and weak strands of hair are one of the primary reasons for hair fall. Walnuts are excellent antifungals. They help hydrate the scalp and prevent excess oil and dirt from setting on the roots. 

Walnut oil can be used to massage the scalp, or crushed walnuts can be used as hair scrubs, which will help in reducing flakiness, stimulating oil production and dormant hair follicles to promote hair growth. Oiling with walnut oil will make your hair healthy and look voluminous.  

4. Fights Dandruff 

If dandruff is something you have been dealing with, and nothing seems to be working in your favour, then switching to walnut oil is the thing for you to do. Walnut oil is an excellent treatment for dandruff. 

When we use walnut oil to massage the scalp, the oil penetrates inside the hair shaft, moisturising the scalp and eventually reducing dandruff. It feels soothing and calming to an inflamed scalp as the itchiness and dandruff reduce because of walnuts' anti-inflammatory properties. 

5. Enhances Hair Texture

Copper is necessary to promote the synthesis of the pigment melanin. The lack of which causes lustreless and stained hair. 

The copper and biotin in adequate amounts in walnut helps in the nourishment of our hair and also increases its lustre, making them look fuller and healthier. 

How To Add Walnuts To Your Diet? 

We now know that Akhrot is good for hair. They can be applied or consumed in different ways. 

  • Start eating walnut as it is. 
  • Try adding walnuts to your regular salads.
  • Walnuts are a great addition to baked goods like muffins, cakes, pancakes, etc. 
  • Use walnut oil to massage your scalp and leave it on for an hour or so before you shampoo with a mild hair cleaner. 
  • Make a DIY walnut hair scrub by using crushed walnuts for massaging your head. Massage for 10mins and then wash it off. 
  • Use no sulphate shampoo and conditioner infused with walnut.
  • Make a DIY hair mask by mixing curd and honey and adding a few drops of walnut oil. Apply the mask to your hair and wait 20 minutes before washing it off. 

The Final Say 

Walnuts are nutrient-rich superfoods and have great potential to be excellent for hair and the skin. The antioxidants and nutrients in high concentrations are very beneficial for hair and skin health. 

Using walnut oil regularly on our scalp helps make hair shiny, thicker, and voluminous. It suggested checking if you are allergic to walnuts. Try putting them over a small surface area before applying them over a larger surface area. If post-testing you experience any symptoms of an allergic reaction, make sure to contact your doctor right away.


1. What would happen if we ate Walnuts daily?

Eating walnuts on a regular basis can help lower the risk of heart disease and cancer. They also help control blood sugar levels and improve brain health. 

2. Almond or Walnut, which is better?

Almonds and walnuts both have various health benefits. However, walnut is more beneficial for hair growth as they have selenium in them, which is found to be a great promoter of hair growth. 

3. Does walnut help regrow hair?

Walnuts have antioxidants and fatty acids, which help strengthen your hair follicles to produce stronger, fuller, healthier hair. It also stimulates dormant hair follicles. 

4. Can grey hair be prevented from the usage of walnuts?

Walnuts can help slow down the process of greying hair because of the presence of copper in them.


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