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      Health Benefits of Amla | Score Hair And Skin Benefits With Amla

    • Aren't you tired of burning a hole in your pocket by spending on expensive foreign products to solve your hair and skin problems? 

      Exploring every possible product to get rid of hair loss and getting frustrated and blaming the anti-ageing creams when on failed results?

      Well, finding better solutions can be quite easy, if you stop strolling offshores and come back to your home ground.

      We all are well aware of the side effects of these chemical-induced products, yet we fall for the scam. Let's stop ignoring the extraordinary benefits of natural ingredients. Amla is one of these ingredients that work wonders for every hair and skin problem. 

      Amla is a widely cultivated fruit all over India. It has a unique taste which is a combination of sweet, bitter, pungent and astringent. Commonly used to make pickles and chutney, it is a storehouse of minerals and vitamins immensely beneficial for conditioning hair and skin.  

      Table of Contents 

      1. Benefits of Amla for Hair

      2. Benefits of Amla for Skin

      3. Incorporate Amla into your Diet in the Following Ways
      4. Conclusion 

      4. FAQ

      Benefits of Amla for Hair

      Prevents Hair Fall and Dandruff

      Amla nourishes the hair and scalp with a high amount of vitamin C. This helps in preventing hair loss and dandruff formation. 

      Prevents Lice and Greying of Hair

      Amla powder or paste is high in antioxidants and is used to cleanse hair to prevent lice and greying. It improves hair colour and reduces the chances of premature greying.

      Accelerates Hair Growth and Shine

      Hair development is accelerated and hair shine is improved by massaging amla oil into the hair. It contains excellent fatty acids that promote better hair volume making them glossy.

      Treats Scalp Problems

      Due to its anti-bacterial properties, Amla is beneficial in reducing inflammation or any skin irritation on the scalp.

      You should cleanse your scalp once a week with amla shampoo or amla powder to keep your hair healthy.

      Benefits of Amla for The Skin

      Amla has Anti-Ageing Qualities

      We all want to remain in the sweet 16 phases. As we grow old we realise how our body is changing and try to look as young as possible by hook or by crook. Well, here we are with a speck of magic dust to make you younger. Drinking Amla juice helps in flushing down your body toxins and the richness of vitamin C makes your skin glow. Helping you with radiant skin also slows down the ageing process making you feel younger every day. 

      Increases Skin Radiance 

      Climb up the carousel of youthful skin! 

      When age reduces the spark and shine of your skin, the addition of mere amla juice in your daily routine can bring back the glow. Amla juice drains all the toxins present in the body and boosts it with vitamin C which helps increase collagen production in the skin making it soft, radiant and youthful.

      Heals Pimples 

      Restore flawless skin with Amla as it is a great way to eliminate oily skin and pimples. 

      Apply amla paste to the affected area of your face for 15 minutes. You will see miraculous results with regular application. Amla is a natural purifier, that rids the body of toxins reducing the chances of pimples, fine lines and scars.  

      Prevents and Lowers Pigmentation

      Applying Amla juice or amla paste is said to cleanse your skin and reduce pigmentation. Apply some amla juice onto your skin and let it dry. Once it is completely dry use cotton to wipe it off. Doing this regularly lightens up your skin and reduces pigmentation.

      Eliminate Dead Skin Cells

      Add dazzling skin to the list as amla juice is the healthiest way to rejuvenate your dull and dry skin. This adds some extra boost to your self-confidence. Also, amla juice is an excellent cleanser whether it is applied directly or consumed. This will help remove dead cells and reduce dullness and fine lines.

      Incorporate Amla into Your Diet in the Following Ways

      Amla Juice 

      Drinking amla juice in the morning can help you stay healthy. If you don't wish to gulp the entire glass, you can choose concentrated power shots in small shot glasses. Make a large glass of juice by diluting it with water and a splash of honey.

      Amla Candy

      Amla is also widely available as candy. These sweet and zesty sweets will enhance the flavour of the fruit. The sweets are small enough to be eaten daily. Some are flavoured with Indian masalas and sweetened with honey or jaggery.

      Amla Chutney

      Another fantastic method to get your daily dosage of amla is to consume amla chutney. The chutney can be made in advance and stored in the refrigerator to enjoy in little amount with any meal. To enhance the flavour of the chutney, many people add green chillies, ginger and garlic. 

      The Final Say

      Amla is a tiny, tart fruit that offers a lot of advantages for hair, skin, and general health. It is readily available in the winter. It can be stored for up to one to two years in a variety of forms, such as dried, soaked in salt, pickled, juiced, made into candy, or in chawanprash. Amla tastes better when combined with other spices. You can get a good amount of iron, vitamin C, and calcium by eating one amla per day.


      1. Does vitamin C of Amla get oxidized?

      No amla is the only fruit whose vitamin C does not oxidize in any form whether it is cut or boiled, chopped or sauteed.

      2. How can I include Amla in my daily diet?

      Amla can be used to make candies, pickles, and mouth fresheners. It can also be grated and used to make mouthwash, all of which can be consumed regularly. Amla is incredibly simple to include in my everyday regime.

      3. Can Amla juice be stored for a long?

      Yes, you can add a little salt and store it in a glass bottle in a refrigerator. It will stay fresh.

      4. How to use Amla for hair?

      Amla powder can be applied to the hair with curd followed by washing as usual with shampoo.

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